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Hi - My name is John Quigley - I'm a Spiritual Healer, Emotional Therapist, Dowser, Master Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), and a Registered Hypnotherapist, Psychotherapist and Mnemodynamic Therapist.
I'm an Accredited Tutor, Trainer and Workshop Leader for a number of International Training Organisations, as well as delivering my own courses & workshops.

The very core essence of all of my work is the holistic premise that the spirit is of equal importance to the mind and body.

A natural Sensitive, I've been aware of, and working with Energies since childhood, I'm a great believer in using the ‘mind’ to its optimum and acknowledge that I have an inherent awareness of Ancient Knowledge and Ancient Wisdom which supports me in my Healing and Psychotherapeutic work both in the UK and overseas.

I travel extensively running courses, workshops, group and individual healing/therapy sessions as well as Earth Energy Harmonising work, involving land and property cleansing of Geopathic Stress, Negative Emotion and Spirit Attachment.

I live and work in Wales (UK) with my wife Lynn who is a Communication Channel and Writer working specifically in the field of Mediumship/Spiritual Guidance, Spirit Release and Rescue as well as "remote" land and property cleansing of Geopathic Stress, Negative Emotion and Spirit Attachment.

See more about Lynn, by visiting her own site,, read her "Just A Thought" page.

In a bid to obtain "enlightenment" people very often forget that we are all, Spiritual beings who happen to inhabit a Physical body and as such that body needs to be looked after.

Our Physical ailments and illnesses serve a purpose - they draw attention to an issue which needs to be resolved (maybe a mental or emotional issue) - once resolved the Physical body needs help to re-generate it's damaged cells with proven, safe supplemenation to assist in this healing process.

We are really pleased to be associated with and 100% confident in recommending the products of some great homeopathic companies who are world leaders in their chosen field - You'll see links to them spinkled throughout this site


If you or someone you know suffers from anxiety, panic attacks, phobias or OCD but do not want to 'see a healer or therapist'- there is an 'ONLINE' alternative

You can have Immediate access to a Proven Method, of Fast & Natural Recovery From Anxiety, Panic Attacks, OCD & Agoraphobia by Charles Linden, who, after 27 years of suffering, cured himself quickly and permanently and can show you how to do the same!

I first came across his work in 2005 and cannot recommend it highly enough.

Charles has helped over 150,000 people all over the world.

His program can:

  • Free you of anxiety, panic attacks, phobias and OCD permanently
  • Quickly eliminate your underlying anxieties and fears
  • Allow your phobias and obsessions to fade away
  • Completely eliminate the symptoms that plague you each day
  • Stop anxiety preventing you doing things you want to do
  • Stop you from obsessing about your health
  • Allow you to move forward with life and face exciting challenges
  • Massively increase your confidence and successes in all that you do

You can read more about the techniques used and watch a short film of Charles and some well known people he has helped, by going to:
Anxiety, Panic Attacks, OCD & Agoraphobia Solutions.

For those of you who've been on my workshops you'll know how keen I am on the power and use of ancient symbols. After many requests to share more of this symbolism, Lynn and I have created some digital images in a format which can be incorporated into anyone's daily life. - see the website here

Or Go To For 'Giclée' Prints


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Here In Wales

Lynn and I are often asked about the area of Wales in which we live and in the past we have created links to 'Gallery Sites' of photos' taken since we've lived here.

The links below however, take you to photographs and maps of the area produced in the late 1800's early 1900's
(yes - definitely before we arrived) and are truly fascinating.

If you'd like to see old photographs of where you live, just enter your postcode into the box on any of the pages viewed, after clicking on this image of Llandudno taken in 1898.

Photo of Llandudno, Promenade 1898, ref. 41490
Reproduced courtesy of Francis Frith.

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