Geopathic Stress

Different things to different people
To some people crystals are ornaments, door stops something to fill a space until a better space filler comes along, to others a source of finance - buying and selling in order to generate an income, and to others a tool to be used in healing, raising the consciousness or acquiring the wisdom of the Ancients through meditation.

Crystals will appear to be just exactly what we want them to be, what we expect them to be, it is our intent and awareness that makes the difference.

If when we see a crystal, we see a door stop, we will have a wonderful door stop. If when we see a crystal, we see an aid to healing or meditation, we will have a wonderful aid to healing or meditation.

Both are equally good.

However we see crystals one factor remains constant; how they are formed.

They grow in the earth from either condensed gases, liquid solutions or as the result of the cooling of molten rock following volcanic activity (as in the case of quartz). Some are reborn into a different crystalline form when subjected to immense pressure and heat, such is the case with garnets.

There are seven basic shapes within nature which the patterns known as crystal adhere to:-
Hexagonal, Monoclinic, Triclinic,
Isometric, Trigonal, Tetragonal and Orthorhombic.

It’s the precise and orderly way in which the atoms of the crystals form a framework to hold themselves together in their particular shape, that allows the whole crystal to vibrate at a very regular frequency, the precision of the outside form is but a reflection of the precise structure inside.

The crystal presents to the world the same face on the outside as there is on the inside.

Because of this predictable, precise vibration, crystals are used world-wide in timepieces (quartz movements) for accuracy, and throughout the whole field of scientific and technological development (the silicon chip).

As if that wasn’t enough:-

There is more to a crystal than telling the time.

More than telling the time?
An aid to healing or meditation

Used as they are within industry crystals transmit, conduct and transmute energy, they store energy, step it up and step it down, they can release it, producing an electrical current or a beam of high intensity light sufficiently concentrated to be able to cut through metal and controllable enough to perform delicate micro-surgery on the retina of the human eye.

But crystals are also a life form, a living growing thing just as are we, just as are the trees of the forest the waters of the oceans and the very earth itself, and as such have a harmonious link with the universe.

Through this link they are able, when used properly, to bring that universal energy through their perfect form into the physical, helping in the healing process, and bringing about a state of harmony by removing blocks and bringing light into areas that were once dark within the human energy field or aura.

Each crystal or stone has a unique vibration or frequency.

Clear quartz - which is silicon dioxide - (a composition of silicon and oxygen) vibrates at such a high rate, as to transmit white light, containing all the colours of the visible spectrum.

Rose quartzis still silicon dioxide but has magnesium and titanium within it, thus changing it’s rate of vibration, subsequent colour and frequency of light it will transmit.

Amethyst is silicon dioxide containing small amounts of iron. Each of these crystals or stones with their unique vibrations bring a different energy to the human body.

When used as a tool for meditation crystals help in a number of ways, as a focus for the mind, and specific ones, amethyst for example at the brow centre will clear the mind of distractions and help to ‘usher in’ a meditative state.

We can also look deeper than just an aid to stilling the mind, for crystals can in fact carry messages in their own right.They can become teachers they can become friends.

They can be programmed to help us and they can share their secrets with us, but only if we are the people the secret was intended for.

How can crystals be programmed and what secrets ?
Crystals can be programmed with thoughts -
Their secrets?... Ancient wisdom !

Ancient wisdom
Second time around for crystals ?

The use of crystals in healing is not new, for thousands of years many cultures have used them as a therapy.

They have been worn as amulets and talismans in order to bring about relief from, or a cure for, particular illnesses and ailments.

Early Greek and Roman society knew of the benefits of working with ‘earth energies’ when a person in this society was to take a potion of some sort as a ‘medicine’, they would stand or sit in the area that was most beneficial to them, from an energy point of view.

They knew that stones and ‘earth objects’ had an effect on their bodies, this included crystals and so crystals were used as the base for poultices and tonics or worn to prevent illness, and to help overcome mental and emotional problems.


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