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Geopathic Stress

Over the last eighty years, most notably in Germany, much study has been made on geopathic zones, namely those places where a greater than average incidence of illness has been noted.

Unfortunately, it is not uncommon to find houses, shops or offices where successive tenants succumb to identical illnesses from no apparent cause.

The case of cancer beds is well known.

Dowsers trace the cause of such "place-induced illness" to bands or streams of water or radiation running beneath the place where the victim spends most of his or her time, such as in bed.

In addition to illness, certain houses have a disproportionate occurrence of marital breakdowns, family strife, etc., another indicator of imbalance at a location, ascribed to geopathic stress.

Although, since time immemorial, traditional wisdom has told of such places, geopathic zones were first described as such only in the 1920s.

During the twenties, W. Melzer and H. Winzer from Stuttgart analysed the incidence of cancer in the city on a geographical basis.

They collected data which had no apparent connecting features, until dowsers suggested to them that they should check the location of geological fault lines under the city.
On doing so, they found that the districts suffering the highest incidence of cancer were those overlying the five major geological faults of the district.

In January 1929 Freiherr Gustav von Pohl investigated the small town of Vilsbiburg in Lower Bavaria, Germany, for underground forces detectable with the dowsing rod.
Von Pohl drew up a map of the area, marking on it houses where his dowsing indicated that there were geopathic tendencies.

Independently of von Pohl, the local Medical Officer of Health, Herr Bernhuber, marked an identical map with the houses in which inhabitants had died of cancer within the previous ten years.

On comparison, the Medical Officer of Health noted that he had been in fifty-four houses and, in each one, the beds had stood on the lines von Pohl had drawn on his map.
Subsequent work by dowsers, mainly in Germany, has refined and expanded von Pohl's work.

Usually, such geopathic zones are noticed only when someone falls ill, for no apparent reason, and then their condition improves drastically when they are removed from the place in which they were ill.

The notorious `cancer beds', for which many German dowsers routinely check, are found to overlie veins of underground water, usually coinciding with other `energy lines' which various dowsers ascribe to one or other of the systems of lines known as the Curry Grid and the Hartmann Grid.

Symptoms of Geopathic Stress can vary considerably from, sleeplessness, irritability and emotional upset at one end of the scale, through to serious illness, (including cancer), in animals and humans, at the other.

Diagrams of sleeping positions

Examples of`cancer beds', located over dowsable underground streams:
a. twenty-seven- year-old man admitted to mental hospital after nine months' sleeping in this bed;
b. fifty-three-year-old woman died of cancer of the liver;
c. thirty-eight-year-old woman died of cancer throughout her body;
d. a typical cancer site, the crossing of black streams;
e. an unaffected bed.

Information, diagrams and examples from ‘Earth Harmony’ by Nigel Penick

There are many ways to balance or clear areas of Geopathic Stress:

Over the next few weeks (and then on-going), I will be putting more information on this site about the work I have done in the UK and overseas, the techniques used to bring about harmony to areas, people and places affected by, not only Geopathic Stress, but emotion and spirit attachment.

My intention is to use real case studies to show how particular issues and conditions can be remedied using many different 'tools'....... Dowsing, Crystals, Sacred Geometry and Healing Energy to name just a few.


There will be a newsletter available for anyone wishing to receive and contribute to it, details will be posted soon.

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