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Healing is the channelling of energies by the healer to re-energise the patient in order to deal with illness or injury.

Healing often helps with the speed and extent of recovery from serious illness and major surgery and from the effects of treatments such as chemotherapy and radiation therapy. It complements conventional medicine.

General Healing
A general definition of healing is any positive action, word, or thought directed by one person with the intention of helping another.

A caring touch, a kind word, attentive listening or a s mile are all healing. In medical care prescribing drugs, performing surgery or giving advice to benefit the patient, is therapeutic and is healing.

Spiritual Healing
Spiritual healers work with this positive intention in a deliberate way.

They will focus their attention to the highest source of Peace and Love in the universe that they can imagine. This is called attunement to the universal source and is similar to meditation.

It is a state of heightened awareness: being totally present and at the same time having an attitude of detachment.

The healers then consciously direct this experience of union with the universal source through themselves to the patient.

This is called channelling, where the experience of love is directed through the healer and is not from the healer him or herself.

This type of healing with a patient present is sometimes called 'laying on of hands', although the hands are mainly held a short distance off the body.

At the end of a healing session healers will consciously break the connection they have made with the patient and resume their normal everyday conscious state of being.

Distant Healing
Spiritual healing practised when the patient is not present is called distant healing and is similar to prayer.

It can be practised in groups or individually.

Is it necessary to have 'Faith'?
No. Nothing special is asked of the patient except perhaps openness to anything that happens and a degree of trust in the healer.

An awareness of the need for change and the motivation to do so can also be helpful.

Does Healing always work?
It is unusual for healing not be to helpful in some way.

Sometimes one treatment is sufficient, but often several are needed and the benefits emerge gradually. With some patients a successful outcome to healing is obvious, but for some, change takes place at a more subtle level and sometimes in an unexpected way.

Healing often helps with the speed and extent of recovery from serious illness and major surgery and from the effects of treatments such as chemotherapy and radiation therapy.
It works well with all forms of holistic medicine.

Usually patients feel more stable and relaxed, and often experience a beneficial change to their attitude to life, a situation which often arises in the cases of terminal illness where healing brings serenity to the patient and to relatives and friends as well.

Can it do any harm?
Definitely not.

There are rare occasions when the patient may 'feel worse' before improving, but this is often a significant part of the healing process, signalling a release of stress which may have gone unrecognised.

How can Healing help?
Healing penetrates the deepest levels of a person's being where many illnesses have their origin - including stress, tension and fatigue.

Symptoms start to disappear as the cause is revealed and removed.

Changes in attitude and the quality of life often follow and continue the good work. The power of nature to enable us to help ourselves, recognised for thousands of years.

During a Healing Session with John, the Individual will be guided to explore the root cause of self-limiting thought patterns, beliefs and illness, (whether that ‘root’ be in this, or a previous life) and use their own inner guidance to understand how they can bring about healing and well-being to all areas of life.


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