Geopathic Stress



Are all experiential, participants need to bring with them, enthusiasm, a real desire to learn, share and exchange. Wear comfortable clothing. Bring a packed lunch unless otherwise stated in individual workshop ‘flyers’.
Course notes and any equipment needed, will be provided.

All topics covered in the one or two day workshops, can also 'stand alone' i.e. Meditation can be a one or two day course in it's own right, as can any of the other topics mentioned.
Examples of workshops:

Spiritual Healing (laying on of hands) is explored in these workshops, with participants learning techniques and new skills which will enable them to offer healing to friends and family, as well as acquiring means to assist with self healing.

Topics covered

    *The Wisdom of the Ancients
    *Meditation and Visualisation
    *The Human Energy Field & Chakras
    *The Creative Mind
    *Colour and its effect
    *Hands On Healing
    *Distant Healing & Much More


Dowsing or Divining was used as far back as Egyptian times, some 5,000 years ago. In this very practical series of 1 day workshops we look at different ways that dowsing is and can be used today and the variety of tools used, pendulums rods & hands!

Topics covered

    *Earth Energies
    *Geopathic Stress
    *A Safe Place to Sleep ?
    *Vitamin & Mineral Dowsing
    *Map Dowsing
    *Water Divining
    *Dowsing for Health


Not just a 'New Age' ornament or a 'chip' in the computer. Crystals are a great source of Light and Energy. They heal and they teach. These one day workshops give ample opportunity to experience the different energies of many crystals and stones.

Topics covered

    *Ancient Wisdom
    *Crystals Physically
    *Crystals Esoterically
    *Crystals and the Human Energy Field
    *Meditation with crystals
    *Healing and Self Healing
    *Working with Tumbled Stones



LEVEL 1: Initiating the Mystical Journey

Explore other spheres - other realities and unfold your esoteric gifts. Find ways to identify your individual and collective soul mission. Claim the rewards - and recognise the new responsibilities - as a Light Worker using Universal Energies.

LEVEL 2: Walking the Sacred Path

Learn how to use your evolving integrated Light Body to access different levels of being. Tune into new dimensions and work with the higher frequencies. Safely channel Ancient Knowledge and Wisdom. Contact your Spirit Guides.

LEVEL 3: The Next Step on the Journey

Become more aware of and work with your new Energy Matrix. Planetary changes. New Energies. New Millennium. Symbols and Archetypal Energy Forms. Transformation. Now is the Time !



    *Crystal Vision 1
    *Crystal Vision 2
    *An Introduction to Dowsing
    *Ancient Power Tools & Symbols
     (The Hidden Language Associated With Them)
    *Angels and Devas
    *Meet the Inner Child
    *Chakras and Energy Bodies
    *Awakening the Spirit Within
    *The Role of the Creative Mind
    *Meditation, Visualisation and Relaxation
    *The Way of The Shaman
    *The Atlantean Sacred Cord
    *NFSH Healing Courses
     (National Federation of Spiritual Healers) 1, 2, 3 & 4


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