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Meditation & Visualisation CD’s

The Meditation CD's listed below came about originally as a result of "Popular Demand" from course and workshop
participants within the UK.

Further down the page are links to some amazing
Subliminal-Audio Recordings
and you can click here,
Binaural Beat Recordings
to see the highest quality, most professional Binaural Beat products available anywhere for
Chakra Balance or Ultra Deep Meditation.

COVER of Self-Healing CD
Exploring, Acknowledging and Healing the Messages of Physical, Mental and Emotional Illness.

Meditation for Self Healing

The message contained within the words of this meditation is gentle, simple and very powerful, it is one of - appreciation - so simple, it can completely transform our lives. Our physical body is constantly attempting to draw attention to issues which need resolving, an acknowledgement of this opens the inner channel to self awareness and self healing.

When asked how he had achieved enlightenment a Zen master once replied,
“By simply being grateful for everything that happens.”
£11.50 (GBP)


Cover of Sound of Calm CD
For Stress Relief and Life Enhancement.

The Sound of Calm

Stress affects everyone in different ways - the common factor is, it can be harmful, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually The ‘Sound of Calm’ is designed to induce a deep sense of relaxation and a sustained feeling of calm - an antidote to stress - and provide very simple, practical ‘tools’ to facilitate positive life changing attitudes.

£11.50 (GBP)


COVER of Journey to the Sanctuary of the Higher Self
For Inspiration, Intuition, Inner Wisdom and Guidance.

Journey to the Sanctuary
of the Higher Self

To consciously connect to the Higher Self is to communicate at a Soul Level. To be Guided by the Higher Self is to come from a place of Inspiration, Wisdom, Love and Understanding. Our Higher Self - Our Inner Spirit - is the core essence of who we really are.

£11.50 (GBP)


A Range of Recordings With Subliminal Messages

Anyone who has been on one of the many courses or workshops I run will remember me talking about the power of Positive
(or Negative) Affirmations

Subliminal CDs and mp3's work by sending positive affirmations direct to the subconscious mind, bypassing the more critical conscious mind.

There is an excellent company which produces
Very Positive, Motivational Subliminal-Audio Recordings
using binaural beat as well as subliminal technology.

They have proven themselves to be extremly useful to a large number of the clients I see at clinics in the UK and Overseas.

A few of their Titles are:

You'll find many others titles and subjects to explore in the Subliminal-Audio Catalouge

and see



The Ultimate Subliminal Video Collection

Uncover the world's most powerful subliminal messaging videos.

After you have a look around the site, you can of course, purchase any individual Videos that appeal to you, however if you would like the full set, we can offer you, for a limited time, a sustantial discount with FREE Bonuses by using the link below.

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Before you leave this page.

Lots of people ask me about the music I use on workshops -
there is an incredible variety available.

The one most asked about is "Music for Healing" by Stephen Rhodes.
Anyone who is interested can order their own copy directly
from the link below.

cover Music for Healing

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